M9096 Gas Sampling Train

M9096 Gas Sampling Train


Mini Gas Sampling Train for Low Flow Constant rate Vapour phase Gas with options for Heated Filter Box & Filter.
The system can also be used in conjunction with Wesetch’s Standard Manual Stack Sampling Train (MST) for Side Stream Sampling of gases.

Detail specification

  • 1M-Heated Glass Lined Probe (110V)
  • Support Tube
  • Midget Impinger Set with Ice bath
  • Umbilicals (un-heated)
  • Temperature Controller (110V) Requires external pumping & flow metering system such as Westech’s M9096 or Mini Stack Train Consoles.


  • Heated Filter Box
  • Longer probes, up to 2.0M
  • Optional Probe Liner Materials: SS, Titanium, Quartz Glass, and PTFE
  • Accessory Glassware, fittings, tubing, Manifolds for
  • Side Stream Sampling, Servicing, Calibration, Training.
  • 220V