Mensuration, Servicing and Certification

Impactor and Accessories Mensuration

Westech offers a comprehensive service to mensurate and service all types of impactors and impaction devices providing 100% jet hole verification with a choice of two instruments – the in-house designed Impactor Vision Inspection System (IVIS) and the Mitutoyo QV404 Vision System. Both instruments have been tested and accepted as valid methods by EPAG.

Our software will quickly define the parameters of a jet accurately whilst indicating if that particular jet is occluded by dirt or damage.

Up to date calibration devices including certified reticules and ring gauges are used to ensure that the inspected device meets all the critical requirements of the US and European Pharmacopeia.

  • Printed and authorized reports and graph
  • Effective Diameter reported if requested
  • Basic stage cleaning and recovery included
  • Includes USP, EP or user defined tolerances
  • Other statistical data available

Please see our guide for more information on cascade impactor mensuration.

Westech also provides a comprehensive service and support programme for all particulate monitoring systems in the field, including a maintenance and calibration service for the pharmaceutical industry and a UKAS compliant traceable calibration service for the environmental monitoring market.

Upon completion of calibration you will receive a Mensuration Report and certification of calibrated impactors and accessories.

Recovery Services

Impactor evaluations can result in “Failed” reports. Special cleaning and handling techniques best understood by Westech can be utilized to resolve many stage failures. Estimates to repair or replace are always discussed.