Westech 7

W7 (USP App 5&6, EP App E)

The Westech 7 (W7) is Westech’s version of the Next Generation Impactor (NGI), a Seven Stage Cascade Impactor with Micro-Orifice Collector conforming to all the critical dimensions defined for USP Apparatus 5 & 6 and EP Apparatus E. The W7 is a multi-jet impactor with 8 removable collection cups and a convenient single tray design with operating flowrates between 15 and 100 L/min.

The Westech (W7) Next Generation Impactor can be configured for testing of MDIs or DPIs with the inclusion of the Preseparator. The W7 Preseparator is a high capacity, high efficiency pre-collector that traps the larger particles of aerosols, typically 10-15 μm, that are generated when using Dry Powder Inhalers. Both configurations use a right-angle induction port which is attached to the inlet stage of the W7 using a friction-seal fit.

W7 Preseparator removes non-inhalable particle sizes, prevents stage One from overloading and offers a sharp reproducible cutpoint at varying flowrates. Collection Cups are the impaction sur-faces for the impactor mounted in a tray directly below the jet stages. The use of the tray allows for greater throughput and ease of sample recovery.

The W7 impactor is supplied with fully certified mensuration and operator manual.

Improved and Unique Features

  • New coating materials for enhanced chemical resistance and to reduce peeling
  • Removable jet stages allowing for easier cleaning, replacement and mensuration and a revolutionary design of replaceable MOC.
  • This unique higher specification MOC is designed such that the jet plate can be removed and replaced inexpensively on a regular basis without compromising the performance of the impactor.