Westech Shake & Fire

Automation- Westech Shake & Fire

The Westech Shake & Fire System is an MDI ‘shake and fire’ system specified, designed and manufactured by Westech Scientific Instruments Ltd. The Westech Shake & Fire System automatically delivers consistent and controllable MDI actuations and provides a programmable shaking and firing function that will connect the inhaler with a variety of measurement or other devices including ACI, W7/NGI, DUSA and the WWSC (Waste Shot Collector).

Westech’s Shake & Fire System is supplied with a range of accessories which expand the capability of the system and enable further stages of automation including flow generation, measurement and control, automated leak test, actuation force measurement and temperature and humidity recording. The system is designed to enable ease of validation of the operating parameters by external, reference-calibrated instruments.

Shake and Fire Features:

  • The S&F device connects the inhaler with a variety of test instruments including ACI, W7/NGI, DUSA and the WWSC (Waste Shot Collector).
  • Improved accuracy of MDI testing and reduced variability of measurements through controlled and repeatable actuation of MDIs whilst taking into account parameters including force of operation, speed and angle of shake, timing, and number of shots and wasting actions.
  • Test instruments (ACI, W7, DUSA and WWSC) are mounted on dedicated, easily interchangeable platforms that slide into the system bed, providing maximum flexibility, repeatability and ease of operation.
  • System includes automatic height positioning of each individual test instrument on the platform.
  • Use of a fixed inhaler position during the firing cycle with our custom mouthpiece adapters and mounted platforms ensures seals and connections are maintained providing further integrity and reduced variability of measurement.
  • Data can be stored and downloaded to a USB storage device or an external computer along with the inhaler ID.
  • Integrated colour touch screen for easy operation.
  • The Shake & Fire is a stand-alone unit, not reliant on external computers to function- however it can be interfaced with computers, networks or LIMS through Ethernet connection if required.
  • S&F system stores SOP methods, data and results.
  • Automates a pre-programmed sequence of events – flow control, leak test, shake cycle, fire cycle, repeat cycles, device etc. – defined by the user in a METHOD.

– A Truly Multiple Solution –
Westech Shake and Fire A Step Forward In Shake and Fire Testing